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we humans do strange things or, for example, we put our newborns in strollers instead of carrying them on our body (which is much nicer).

Why actually?

That’s exactly what we thought and bought our first baby carrier in addition to a stroller. In retrospect, we actually wouldn’t have needed the stroller, because the baby carrier and various slings very quickly outperformed it in all respects.

To give you just a short foretaste of what awaits you here on the site, I’ll tell you three of the most important advantages of a baby carrier.

BINDING. Babies are carried, they want to be close to mom and dad, and ideally always. Your child feels your body heat so close to you, hears your voice and can always come into direct contact with you over time.

If you spend so much time, so closely connected to each other, then that can only be good for the bond and, by the way, it is also good for development.

DEVELOPMENT. If you have your child in a stretcher in front of your stomach, then they will see what you are doing all the time, you will communicate a lot more, you show and explain what is happening to them and through the higher position your child will perceive much more of their environment. This is how you support your child from day one.

HANDS FREE. A baby carrier of course not only has advantages for the babies, but also for us parents and here comes a very pragmatic one: You have your hands free …

If the baby is in the carrier, you can do anything, go out with the dog, go shopping and do the housework and I can say from my own experience that you have to get used to it, but then it’s a tremendous relief.

Incidentally, baby carriers also help against stomach pain and colic in babies. Studies have shown that babies who are carried cry more than 40% less during the day than babies who are not carried, and your child does not get a crooked head because they lie on their head all the time.

You can find all this and much more on our website.