Baby Carriers And Alternatives For The Summer

Would you like to carry your baby or toddler in summer too, but are afraid that it could get too warm for you? Here you will find a few tips for wearing in summer, because luckily we don’t have to do without our beloved towels and baby carriers in summer.

There are plenty of baby carriers, and cloths and fabrics that provide sufficient ventilation in summer, everything you need to know about baby carriers in the hot months, you will find out in this article.

Towel or baby carrier?

It’s a matter of taste, just like in the rest of the year. To be honest, you get warm in summer anyway and you rarely get around sweating. So it doesn’t really matter whether you sweat in the baby carrier or in the sling.

Of course, both have their own advantages and disadvantages in summer, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Baby slings for the summer

Here, slings made of light fabrics are particularly recommended. This can be both linen and hemp. But not only the texture or the material of the cloth can help with the warm summer time.

With the right type of tie, you don’t need so much warm fabric. Single-layer binding methods are suitable here, such as the kangaroo carrying technique for carrying in front of the stomach or the simple rucksack for carrying on the back.



The simple cross-wrap way of carrying is too warm for many parents, but can be used in summer.

From experience I can say that it is most comfortable for the parents and the child when carried on the back. However, this is not the norm. So try out what suits you.

I like to use hemp cloths myself.

The wraps from Oscha are absolutely recommendable and if it should be a little cheaper then the 👉 Didymos slings * are great for the summer.

Ringsling is great in the heat

Slings are good in summer. The sling is a sling that is not as long as a normal sling. Most slings are between 150 and 200 centimeters long.

The big difference is the two metal rings on one side of the cloth. The beveled end of the cloth is threaded through these rings and pulled tight. The child can be carried on the hip comb or in front of the stomach.

In contrast to the other carrying options with a cloth or carrying aid, the weight is only on one shoulder. For this reason, carrying larger babies and toddlers with the ring sling is only possible for a certain period of time.

For short stretches in summer it is exactly the right thing.

Slings are available from some manufacturers. I personally prefer the 👉 Hoppediz Ring-Sling * or, as an alternative, the 👉 Kokadi Ring-Sling *.

Baby carriers for the summer

If you prefer to use a comfort carrier in summer, you are definitely on the safe side with a correct carrier. Wearers offer better air circulation on the sides as there is less fabric. Of course, not every stretcher is suitable. Some stretchers fall out anyway due to their shape and texture.

As with slings, it makes sense to use the right fabric for a baby carrier. Thick carriers made of 100% cotton are of course much warmer and more uncomfortable in summer than a carrier with a proportion of hemp or linen.

A simple way to make it bearable in summer is to carry it on your back. You can actually carry the child on your back with almost all good baby carriers.

There are stretches especially for the back. These carriers are called Onbuhimo or just Onbu. A good example of this is the 👉 Fidella Onbu *.

As already mentioned, there is the option of carrying almost any baby carrier on your back if necessary, for example the 👉 Emeibaby * or the 👉 Ruckeli baby carrier * which can be conveniently folded up like a bum bag are suitable for the summer .

Which fabrics are suitable?

As with our own clothes, it is also with baby carriers, not all of them are suitable for summer, because some materials are simply too thick.


100% cotton towels and carriers are probably the most common ones in the trade. Since they are a bit firmer and stable, many find this material to be warm and not very suitable, especially in summer. Mixed forms with cotton and other fabrics are preferred.


Baby carriers or slings with a linen component are really ideal in summer. The towels are thin and soft and are therefore comfortable to wear.

In addition, linen is more breathable than, for example, towels made of pure cotton. New towels often feel stiff at the beginning and have to be cuddled up well.


Fabrics for carriers and towels with hemp are quite heavy, but they are comfortable to wear. Despite all this, the fabric appears more breathable and is therefore well suited for summer.


Wool is definitely not the right choice in summer as it retains heat and does not give it off.


Silk is a comfortable material that looks soft and cool on the body. Shawls made of silk are something very special. Unfortunately, these wipes are very maintenance-intensive and cost-intensive.


Is a new industrially produced material made from eucalyptus wood. This substance is known under the brand name Tecel. It is soft and has a cooling effect on the skin. Another plus point is the ability to absorb moisture.

For this reason there are now manufacturers of slings who want to use these properties and produce slings with Lyocell.

Always protect babies from the sun

We adults mostly enjoy summer time and look forward to relaxing days at the lake or on the coast. For our babies, on the other hand, too much sun is problematic in summer. It is for this reason that we need to protect our little ones.

Here are a few important tips to be able to enjoy the summer with babies and toddlers:

  • On particularly hot days, it is advisable to stay inside during the midday heat (from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.).
  • In the fresh air, it makes sense to spend time with the small children in the shade.
  • If necessary, you can provide your own shade with parasols.
  • A summer hat is an absolute must because a baby’s scalp is very sensitive.
  • The right clothing is very important (more on that in a moment).

In the summer, it is particularly important to be given enough fluids. Breast-fed babies should be created more often. A breastfeeding mother will often find that her own child wants to breastfeed much more often on warm days because it is thirsty and not hungry.

Newborns who receive the bottle should be given the opportunity to drink something just as more often.

Larger children can always be offered water to drink. If you don’t like drinking water, you can mix it with a little cold fruit tea.

For older children (from 6 months), sunscreen should definitely be applied to the areas that cannot be protected from the sun with clothing. Sunscreens specially developed for children are ideal here. For newborns, shea butter and coconut oil can be applied to the skin as they offer natural protection from the sun.

Moist cloths can be a pleasant cool down in between. But please make sure that these do not lie on the child too long and thereby cool them down.

An important and simple tip to see if the baby is too warm or wearing too much is to feel the neck. If it is warm there but dry, everything is fine. However, if the baby is wet there, spending a moment in a cooler place would be a good idea.

What do I dress my baby in the carrier?

If your child is being worn in the summer, the right clothing is important. The thought of only carrying the baby with a diaper in a cloth in the summer is certainly a nice idea for many and that is not a problem at all, as long as you only do it inside.

We have to protect the skin from the sun. The baby must wear appropriate clothing for this. Either thin long-sleeved bodies or short bodies with a thin long-sleeved shirt over them are best.

Long, thin pants are ideal over the legs. Very popular are stuples that completely cover the part of the legs that looks out of the stretcher or the cloth.

Of the fabrics used in clothing, natural materials such as silk, linen or thin cotton are very suitable. Cotton blends are also comfortable to wear. These fabrics are light, breathable and partially absorb moisture. Thus suitable for the summer.

I usually only wear thin socks over my feet. These can be pulled out in the shade and the little ones love to play with their bare feet or to perceive the texture of the ground.

Last but not least: never forget your sun hat!

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