Baby Carriers Are Bad For The Baby And Other Prejudices

Whenever you do something differently than most people think is right, you have to deal with prejudices and half-knowledge pretty quickly.

The baby carrier is of course no exception.

Carrying your baby in a sling or a scarf, by the way, attracts more doubters and know-it-alls than I would have thought possible.

Nor do I want to claim that carrying their baby is the right decision for every mother and father.

The aim of this article is to critically question why everyone pushes their child through the world in a stroller and whether there aren’t solutions that suit you better.

And so that you can approach the subject with an open mind, I now want to clear up the most common prejudices against the baby carrier.

Baby carriers are far too complicated to put on

I always get a bit of the impression that this prejudice is comparing apples with pears and confusing baby carriers with slings.

I can understand that the slings, which are often several meters long, seem complicated with their very different wrapping techniques.

Baby carriers are very different.

Even the supposedly complicated-looking Mei Tai with their long shoulder and hip straps can be put on in a very short time. You do that two or three times and then it sits like you had never known anything else.

It becomes even easier with baby carriers that use a combination of a waist belt with a buckle or Velcro and only have long shoulder straps to tie.

If that’s still too much for you, there are also the so-called full buckle carriers, on which you can only find buckles and which are similar to a backpack in terms of handling.

And should you run into any problems, there are instructions for almost every stretcher that are included with the stretcher.

So nothing can go wrong and to say it again, baby carriers are absolutely not difficult to put on (even my husband can do it).

A baby carrier is bad for the child’s hips

Some babies already have hip dysplasia at birth, others develop it in the first few months and although the development has nothing to do with being carried in a carrier, it is often said that baby carriers are harmful to the hips.

In fact, the opposite is true.

A baby carrier with a wide bar, i.e. the part on which your baby sits, favors the so-called spread-squat position. In this position the baby looks like an M, with legs wide apart and knees higher than the bottom.

This posture corresponds exactly to the posture achieved by spreading pants and spreading pants are used to treat hip dysplasia.

Baby carriers can therefore help against hip dysplasia that has developed and do not trigger it.

Note: You should always choose a carrier that allows the aforementioned spread-squat position and never reach for carriers in which your child’s legs are dangling straight down.

Baby carriers are bad for the mother and press

This can happen, of course, but it is definitely not the rule.

If you make sure to buy a baby carrier with a wide hip belt or straps made of sling fabric, there will be no pressure. Both variants distribute the weight so evenly that you won’t get any pressure points.

If you are still not convinced, then just try to carry your baby in your arms for a certain time and compare your experiences with the same time in a carrier.

Sometimes regardless of the factor of having your hands free and being able to get things done. It has been proven that carrying your baby in a baby carrier uses 16% less energy than carrying your baby in your arms.

Your child can fall out of the carrier

Do not be alarmed, in a certain way this prejudice is even true, because there are of course children who have fallen from stretches.

But, big BUT.

Children also fall out of child seats, car seats, strollers, buggies, couches or swings, and baby carriers are guaranteed to be no more dangerous than other baby products.

If you take a close look at most of the carriers and especially the ones that I recommend here on this page, then the only situation in which a child could fall out of a carrier is when putting on and taking off and you should be a little more attentive anyway . Once laced and closed, it is practically impossible for your child to slip between the straps.

Baby carriers are just another trend

If someone tells you that baby carriers and slings are just a trend and will quickly go away, then you can actually end the conversation right away.

Babies have been worn on the body by mothers, fathers and other family members for centuries. Placing your child in a stroller, on the other hand, is a trend that arouses a lot of amazement in parts of the world that have always been carried.

So don’t be told that it is a fad because in reality it is the most natural thing in the world because our children are baby carriers.

If you have never tried a stretcher or a scarf, then do so quickly while you still can, because there is hardly anything better than the constant, familiar closeness to your child when they are sitting, babbling and sleeping right in front of you .

Not all babies like to sit in a carrier

Babies often show very clearly whether they like something or not and this can of course also happen when you try to put on a carrier with your baby for the first time.

Just because they refuse the stretcher at first doesn’t mean they can’t stand being carried. Babies also have to get used to new things and you should give your child this time too.

It may take some time for your baby to accept the carrier, but let’s be honest, which baby doesn’t want to cuddle and which baby doesn’t love to be very close to mom or dad.

So far, I have not seen a child that in the end did not love to be carried.

The baby is too warm in a carrier

Baby carriers are made from very different materials depending on the manufacturer and model. There are firmer, thick fabrics for winter and thin, breathable fabrics for summer.

It is important to have the right carrier for the right time of year, and just as important is to adapt your baby’s clothes to the season without forgetting that you can count the carrier as one layer of clothes.

Baby carriers are always open enough to allow air to circulate and thus ensure that your baby does not get too warm. If your baby does sweat in the summer when he is sitting in the carrier, that does not immediately mean that he is getting too warm. We humans regulate our body temperature by sweating, that’s nothing negative.

So you can be completely unconcerned, your child will not get too warm in a stretcher.

You cannot put on a baby carrier alone

There are certainly carriers that really look like it is impossible to put them on by yourself, but with a little practice it works with every carrier.

Even back carriers, in which you carry your child like a backpack, can be put on completely by yourself with a little practice.

If you are a little unsure at first, let a second person help you until you are confident enough to use your baby carrier on your own.

Whoever carries his child spoils it too much

Frequent contact and closeness to parents have enormous benefits for a baby that will last a lifetime.

To believe that you can spoil a child by paying too much attention is out of date and has now been refuted by various studies. So don’t be told that you are pampering or effeminating your child just because you are carrying them.

In fact, wearing it strengthens the bond between you and your child and helps them develop, both cognitive and social.

If your child can only walk, you should no longer carry them

Learning to walk is super important for children, but no child can keep up with the pace and distance that adults walk.

Even children who can run longer distances sometimes get tired or can no longer.

So why not have the space-saving stretcher with you and carry your child for a while when they need a break? Parents who sit their children on their shoulders for a while or give the child a break in the buggy do nothing else.

Baby carriers can easily be used up to a weight of 30 kilograms and there are many big children who love to be carried later.


There will always be the people who know better and the people who want to make you know exactly what is good for your baby.

Do not let that disturb you and go your own way. Ideally with a baby carrier, because the advantages that you can use by carrying it are so enormous and some of them have an impact on the development of your child.

I wouldn’t want to do without using a baby carrier.

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