Baby carriers for newborns: The best carriers from birth

I am always very happy about the mothers who want to wear. Do you also ask yourself whether it makes sense to carry a baby from birth? Definitely!

In my opinion, wearing is something very important and, above all, beautiful at the beginning.

Slings are particularly recommended for newborns. But tying a scarf is not the right thing for everyone and so you are quickly looking for a suitable alternative and that is exactly what this is about, baby carriers for newborns.

Benefits of a baby carrier

Probably the most common reason for a baby carrier is that expectant parents don’t feel like tormenting themselves with a cloth. I have often had the experience that daddies would like to wear them, but prefer to wear them without a scarf. Whether this is because they are afraid of not being able to tie the slings or they simply don’t find it beautiful is now a minor matter.

My husband couldn’t imagine using a sling either. So we started with a baby carrier.

Carrying a newborn baby close to the body is about as intimate and beautiful. The little one feels secure and is always so close to his parents. It is warm, cozy, it can hear the heartbeat and really snuggle up. Almost reminds a little of the womb.

All of these advantages speak for a baby carrier from birth, don’t they? That’s not enough for you, then you will find the 20 greatest advantages of the baby carrier here .

Our children are “baby carriers” and have always been, not “bed slings” lying in prams and being pushed. We mums and dads carry our children all the time. Either because we simply change a room and take our baby with us, because we want to comfort and calm it or because we love the joy and affection of our child so much at this very moment.

Why not combine the beautiful with the practical?

In so many countries around the world, carrying babies is normal and natural. Here the baby can still be carried. It is with you everywhere, so it can experience everything and is never alone.

Another big plus is definitely the freedom and flexibility that arise for pregnant parents. You have both hands free and your baby is still very close. This is so incredibly helpful, for example, when walking the dogs, managing the household or when the little one doesn’t want to be put down.

Baby carriers for newborns (recommendations)



cta button

  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Ergonomic squat spread position
  • Very high wearing comfort
  • Also suitable for very broad shoulders thanks to the straps
carrying mother rating 

5 of 5

As a baby carrier
for newborns


baby carrier

cta button

  • Infinitely adaptable & grows with you
  • Ergonomic squat spread position
  • Very high wearing comfort
  • Without tie
carrying mother rating 

4.5 out of 5

As a baby carrier
for newborns



cta button

  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Ergonomic squat spread position
  • Easy to use
  • Very comfortable and easy on the back
carrying mother rating 

4.5 out of 5

As a baby carrier
for newborns

You can find more carriers and recommendations below under the carrier systems.

You should pay attention to this

The market is full of all kinds of carriers for babies and toddlers. Unfortunately, not just any stretcher is suitable. There are some carriers that every carrier will make the toenails curl, others are quite good, but definitely not suitable for newborns.

It is therefore very important to look carefully and to question whether the selected carrier really suits you and your child.

The right material

A good baby carrier shouldn’t be stiff, but made of soft fabric. Ideally, the baby carrier for your newborn should be made from sling fabric, as this ensures that the baby is properly “bagged”.

A newborn baby has no trunk stability and thus collapses. It makes an extreme hunchback. This is not possible in a rigid stretcher and the child compresses its spine.

Spread-squat position

A spread-squat position must be possible so that the baby can sit healthy in the carrier. This means that the legs are crouched, the knees at the baby’s navel level and the thighs slightly apart. A newly born child automatically shows this posture when lifting.



Visually, you can just imagine it like a capital M. The baby’s bottom is therefore lower than the knees.

Support your head

With a newborn it is normal that the head cannot be held independently, for this reason it is very important to choose a carrier that has a way of supporting the baby’s head and thus securing it.

Adjustable bridge

Many stretchers can be used from birth and even grow with them. If exactly this property is important to you, please make sure that the so-called bridge is adjustable. The bridge is the lower part of the stretcher where the baby sits on it.

In the case of a newborn, the distance between the hip and the knee is much smaller and a good baby carrier must therefore be able to adapt to this distance.

There are stretcher bars on the market where it is enough to tie off the bridge, for example with the Bondolino from Hoppediz. A bar can be tied by tying the lower part of the baby carrier with a band or a cloth. This makes the bridge tighter and the distance can be adjusted to suit the child.



Note: If you browse the internet or a specialty store for a stretcher, don’t be lured by systems with an integrated newborn insert. I don’t know of any commitment that can guarantee good posture for your child.

Suitable carrying systems

If you are still brand new to the world of baby carriers, here is a brief overview of the carrier systems that are particularly suitable for newborns.

Mai Tai

For me, the Mai Tai is really one of the best solutions if you are afraid of tying a sling, but still want to use the advantages of a sling.

This baby carrier comes from Asia and is used a lot there. A Mai Tai is made from sling fabric, so the baby can be bagged very well inside the sling and adopt an ergonomic posture.

There are various ways of attaching the stretcher to the body. Some models use the idea of ​​tying and have two shoulder straps and two waist straps to tie and knot. This technique is much easier than with cloth.

A good example of a Mai Tai baby carrier is the Fidella Fly Tai *.

Comfort carrying

These systems include carrying aids that do not consist exclusively of sling material, but also have hip belts with buckles or Velcro fasteners, as well as shoulder straps. A distinction is made between half and full buckles. Often these baby carriers are also called carriers.

Halfbuckle : If you are looking for more stability in the hip belt, a half-buckle is just right for you.

This system usually consists of a shoulder strap system made of sling fabric and a wide hip belt with a buckle. Thanks to the firm and stable hip belt and the soft, often fan-out straps, the baby’s weight is distributed very well.

The halfbuckle systems are particularly suitable, for example, for very heavy babies.

Personally, I am a fan of the BabyCarrier from Storchenwiege * and the Bondolino from Hoppediz *.

Fullbuckle : Many manufacturers have made it their business to offer parents maximum comfort and still ensure a good ergonomic posture for the baby. This is how the full-buckle carrying systems came about.

These stretchers can be put on very quickly. They are made of sling material or should be so that the newborn can be well bagged.

Unlike the Mai Tai’s, you have shoulder straps like a backpack and a sturdy, firm waist belt with a buckle. I like these stretchers very much because they can be put on quickly and long straps can no longer land on the floor, especially outside.

Popular and really highly recommended carriers are the Emeibaby * and the Kokadi Flip *.

Note: When it comes to baby carriers for men , the full-buckle systems are often at the forefront.

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