Diaper cake – a new, useful and ecological trend

The diaper cake  or diaper cake is the most gift for a baby shower , the party that is organized in the United States on the occasion of the birth of a child. An idea that is more than just an extravagant trend.

What is a diaper cake?

It allows future parents to prepare for the arrival of the new baby, saving a lot of time and money. It is in fact, as the word itself says, a real cake made entirely of diapers. It is therefore  a very useful gift .

There are tons of them online. Dedicated exclusively to boys or girls, colorful, with bizarre or enchanting shapes , and enriched with decorative elements such as plush and bows.

An original, nice and effective idea , easy to implement, but not always cheap. The best – and most fun – is making your own diaper cake. This will not only allow to reduce the costs of the final shopping , but also to offer a truly personal gift. A diaper cake already made can in fact cost from 20 to 70 euros.

While to make a 2-tier DIY diaper cake you only need:

  • about 30  diapers
  • colored rubber bands
  • 1 roll of cardboard
  • round cardboard base (like those used for cakes)
  • Scotch tape 
  • ribbons , puppets and flowers (optional)

It is also necessary to consider which diapers to use for a cake that is beautiful, but also ecological. Therefore, prefer  washable or biodegradable nappies made of natural materials, which do not irritate the baby’s skin and are easy to dispose of.

Diaper cake: how to make it

On the internet there are in fact many video tutorials that allow you to invent your own diaper cake in less than 30 minutes . Here we explain how to make one in 10 simple steps.

  1. Take the cardboard roll of kitchen paper and fix it to the base of the cake with tape
  2. Take a diaper and roll it up on itself. Secure it with a colored rubber band
  3. Place it on the base for cakes, in correspondence with the roll and go forward until it surrounds everything
  4. Secure all the diapers and the roll together with a larger rubber band
  5. Form another, outermost circle with other diapers
  6. Secure them with another rubber band of a different color
  7. With a colored ribbon, wrap the diapers so as to hide the elastic
  8. Create the second tier of the cake with the remaining diapers. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4 to gradually form narrower floors
  9. Place a puppet on top of the cake
  10. Decorate the base with tulle and the various tops with paper, metal or fabric elements such as flowers, anchors, rhinestones and hearts

You can use the same process to make diaper cupcakes . In this case, it will not be necessary to join the diapers together, as each diaper will be a mini-cake in itself.

The cardboard roll will not be necessary but, in addition to the bases to create a cupcake tower , the rubber bands to fix the individual diapers and cups will be enough . To prevent the ‘patties’ from being too high, the diaper must be opened and folded in two , before rolling it on itself.

Ecological diaper cake

Another problem with cakes already present on the market is that they are not always made up of washable, biodegradable and biofibre diapers . In fact, only these types of sanitary napkins give the guarantee of being ecological, safe and natural.

In Italy, approximately 2,200 million non-degradable nappies are sold every year, and they end up promptly in landfills. Their disposal releases 50,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. If you want to do good for yourself, your children and the Earth, you can buy  reusable diapers  or biodegradable ones , which have been on the market for several years now.

We recommend  eco-friendly nappies , made with natural materials, such as  mater-bi  and  organic cotton .

Safe,  as they are free of paraffins, phthalates , parabens and other chemical additives, and  hypoallergenic , they do not cause  allergies or redness  like normal baby and baby diapers, caused by the materials and chemical components.

Which diapers to choose

If you want to try making your own cake, we recommend the ‘Culla di Teby’ washable nappies, a brand born from the love of a mother, which produces and markets the only hybrid ecological washable nappies , 100% made in Italy.

The external lining and the insert are entirely in breathable organic cotton, while the cradle is in PUL (laminated polyurethane), a water-repellent technical material that allows you to change only the absorbent cloth and to use the same diaper several times a day!

For more information and to purchase, go to the Culla di Teby website , the diapers made by a mother for another mother.

‘Culla di Teby’ is a safe product , in fact your baby will suffer much less from diaper rash thanks to the washable inserts made with Oeko Tex certified natural fabrics , therefore free of toxic substances, and disposable pads without latex, chlorine and TBT.

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