Emeibaby Baby Carrier Test: All The Advantages And My Experiences

The Emeibaby baby carrier is pretty much what many parents want in a baby carrier.

It adapts perfectly to baby and parent without having to be laboriously tied or difficult to adjust.

It can be perfectly adapted to the baby from birth in order to then grow with you and be used as a baby carrier for many years.

It was developed by a mother and who should know better what needs a baby carrier has to meet than a carrier mother.

Emeibaby baby carrier

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Emeibaby baby carrier

Full buckle baby carrier with buckles and straps

Infinitely adjustable pouch, hip belt and shoulder straps

Great combination of sling and baby carrier

Everything else you need to know about the Emeibaby and what makes it so special can be found in this article.

The Emeibaby has these advantages

The Emeibaby baby carrier offers some advantages that cannot be found in other carriers and these are the most important.

Combination of sling and baby carrier

In terms of comfort, fit and ergonomic posture, slings are hard to beat, but for many parents the long slings are simply too cumbersome or too expensive.

The Emeibaby combines all the advantages of a sling with the advantages of a baby carrier.

To be precise, with the advantages of a full buckle baby carrier, because the Emeibaby has backpack-like straps and a wide hip belt with a buckle for secure closure.

This combination makes the Emeibaby a very comfortable and safe baby carrier that fits perfectly for the carrier and child, guarantees easy handling and enables the anatomically correct spread-squat position.

Growing bag

While with many other baby carriers the already mentioned squat-spread position and the size of the carrier are adjusted via the bridge, this is different with the Emeibaby.

The back of the Emei is made of sling fabric and can be perfectly adjusted to your baby like a sling. The pouch into which your baby slips to achieve the all-important round and safe posture is adjusted using two rings attached to the sides.

You simply pull the fabric to the right size and pull the excess fabric under the headboard. You can see exactly how this works in the video.

That all sounds relatively complicated and is certainly not as easy the first two or three times as with other carriers, but if you have the hang of it, then the Emeibaby is hard to beat.

Long service life

An absolute argument in favor of duie Emeibaby is the length of time you can use the baby carrier, provided, of course, that your child can take part for that long.

There are two sizes to choose from.

The baby size can be used from birth and can then be used up to size 50 or a maximum of 15 kg. This is significantly longer than with many other baby carriers, which are often only suitable for the first year of life.

Emeibaby complete view

The second size is the toddler size and it can be used from about one year or size 68. It can then be used up to kindergarten age of your child, because it is designed for a maximum weight of 18 kg.

The combination of sling and baby carrier, with the continuously adjustable bag that grows with the baby, makes the Emeibaby more flexible and usable for a long time than almost any other carrier.

Who does the Emeibaby suit?

First of all, of course, to everyone who wants to carry their baby in a carrier and wants to use the many advantages of a baby carrier.

Like every baby carrier, it is also suitable for anyone who has a small child who would like to have a lot in their arms and who wants to make everyday life easier with a carrier.

The Emeibaby baby carrier is also especially suitable for parents who want a sling but find it too complicated, because I have not yet been able to try a better combination of sling and baby carrier.

The high level of comfort and the correct posture for your baby speak for the carrier as well as the enormous wearing time of up to three years (baby size) or even 4 years (toddler size).

For mums and dads who like things a little more colorful, there are colorful motifs and patterns, and for those who like things a little more subdued, there are also very simple-to-wear wear.

Putting on and adjusting the belts for shoulders and hips is super easy, you have to dig into the adjustment of the cloth, but it is absolutely not difficult.

If you want to see more recommendations and baby carriers , just visit the article that has just been linked.

Product details

All important data and facts about the Emeibaby at a glance.

  • Product Type: Full Buckle Baby Carrier
  • Description: Emeibaby baby carrier
  • Carrying positions: front and back carry
  • Matrial: 100% organic cotton
  • Size: baby size (from birth to size 50 or maximum 15 kg), toddler size (from size 68 to 18 kg)
  • Bridge width: baby size (min. 11 cm to max. Approx. 65 cm) toddler size (min. 20 cm to max. Approx. 75)
  • Back part: variable
  • Color: Different colors and patterns
  • Special features: Infinitely adjustable bag
  • Washable: hand wash

What do buyers say about the stretcher?

Negative reviews of the Emeibaby baby carrier are actually difficult to find and the few that are available relate to the fact that the buyers did not get along with the carrier or that the child did not want to please the child.

That can of course happen anything, because baby carriers are a relatively individual product and even if the Emeibaby could suit practically everyone who wants a FUll Buckle carrier, there are always exceptions.

Emeibaby baby carrier

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Emeibaby baby carrier

Full buckle baby carrier with buckles and straps

Infinitely adjustable pouch, hip belt and shoulder straps

Great combination of sling and baby carrier

The majority of mums and dads like the carrier very much, according to the reviews. After all, well over 70% of buyers give full marks for the stretcher.

The high level of comfort and the fact that longer distances can be easily covered with the carrier are particularly praised.

The combination of quick donning, easy adjustment and the pouch that lets the child sit like in a baby sling are also very popular with many parents.

My conclusion on the Emeibaby

Among the full hump baby carriers, the Emeibaby is still one of my absolute favorites.

The fabric is wonderfully soft and the stretcher fits perfectly. Adjusting the bag is really not that easy at the beginning, but as with most things, practice makes perfect and today it works almost automatically.

One disadvantage that many full buckle wearers have is the hard-to-reach back buckle. You just have to be a bit more awkward and there is no more climbing. Of course, this has the disadvantage that it is difficult to put the baby carrier on by yourself.

But there is a trick.

Just put the shoulder straps wide, close the back buckle and then you can pull the stretcher over your head like a sweater. Then pull the shoulder straps into position a little, let the baby slide into the carrier from above and fix the shoulder straps.

Otherwise, I can only recommend the Emei to anyone who is looking for a solid baby carrier that will take you on every excursion (no matter how long it is) and that will easily be a loyal companion for the first few years.

In short, a great baby carrier.

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