Hoppediz Bondolino Review: My Experiences With The Stretcher

The Bondolino from Hoppediz is a great alternative to the baby sling. This baby carrier is particularly popular with fathers and has therefore been nicknamed “papa carrier” by midwives.

Here, too, the stretcher was particularly popular with dad.

Here I have put together for you how our experiences with the Bondolino were or still are.


Hoppediz Bondolino

Half buckle baby carrier with a wide Velcro fastener on the hip belt

Infinitely adjustable thanks to Velcro and shoulder straps

Ergonomic spread-squat position from birth

Of course, you will also find out everything else you need to know about this baby carrier.

my first impression

The Bondolino was the very first stretcher that was allowed to move in with us. Even before our daughter was born, the baby carrier was carefully examined.

We decided on a very classic model from the Klassik & Jacquard range in black-sand.

My first impression was very good!

The fabric felt soft and comfortable. It was so amazingly light.

It smelled new but not chemical.

The baby carrier was delivered in a practical gym bag. We still use this to store various stretchers.

The accompanying instructions were easy to understand and well described.

Characteristics of the bondolino

The Bondolino is a baby carrier made of sling fabric (100% cotton). It consists of a “pouch” (back part) in which the baby sits, a hip belt and two shoulder straps.

The hip belt consists of two Velcro fastener parts that are fastened together on the back. This makes it very easy when the stretcher is carried by different people. As with us, for example, from mom, dad and your favorite aunt.

The shoulder straps consist of two long straps that, depending on how they are tied, are either crossed on the back or tied in front of the stomach. The ribbons can be easily knotted.

On the back is a practical headrest that can be easily attached to the shoulder straps with the help of Velcro.

On the lower part of the stretcher, the bridge, there are two triangles on the right and left that can be attached to the buttons on the left and right with the help of straps. This is used to enlarge the bar when the child is older or has grown larger.

A small tape is also included in the scope of delivery. This is actually for holding the shoulder straps together when carrying on the back. But it can just as well be used to tie the bar tighter for a newborn, so that an optimal squat-spread position is given.

There is a small pocket on the right strap. There is space for a key or other small items.

In order to carry it on the back later, two small “counter-Velcro fastener parts” are included in the delivery. These are attached to the headrest using the Velcro fastener.

The Bondolino in the test

My husband was allowed to test the stretcher first, exactly three days after the birth of our daughter.

I’m still jealous of it!

Our little one was 48cm tall and weighed 3040g. So actually too small, at least based on the information.

We tied off the bridge with the enclosed ribbon. It worked very easily.

The dad asked for help with tying, for fear of dropping the baby otherwise.

Crossing the straps on the back and knotting is super easy. The material is easy to tighten.

Dad was proud and the little one fell asleep immediately.

Then I was allowed to test the stretcher too.

This baby carrier offers a really comfortable feeling.

The waist belt can be put on quickly and easily, does not squeeze and provides a good hold.

Tying the straps is also not a problem on your own. Hold your bottom with one hand with the other, guide the straps over your shoulder and put them back in your hand behind your back.

Then switch hands and do the same with the other carrier.

The cross on your back is comfortable and gives you a feeling of security.

The headrest was useful to get the baby to sleep. Because our little one always needed a little dark.

Removing the headrest to get the child out of the baby carrier was always problematic. The Velcro strap woke her up almost every time. So she was allowed to stay in the Bondolino until she woke up on her own.

I enjoyed using the carrier for a while. But it was definitely the papa stretcher. My husband carried our child in the front for more than an hour while walking the dog.

However, if I was using the stretcher with increasing age (5 months), I unfortunately had to torment myself with shoulder pain. The straps tied my shoulders. Not with my husband.

In between I switched to back-carrying and that was really much better.

Despite the large selection of towels and baby carriers that we now have, the Bondolino was the first to accompany us and I have always enjoyed using it.

My favorite advantages at a glance:

  • usable from birth until the end of the wearing period
  • Many advantages of a sling (due to the sling fabric) without the complicated binding
  • Practical headrest: provides shade, helps you fall asleep, supports the neck and head
  • very easy to put on after a short practice
  • easy to carry by different people (mom and dad)
  • The bridge is adjustable
  • Suitable for back carriers and in front of the stomach

Disadvantages at a glance

On the one hand, putting on the Bondolino is a bit unique, especially in bad weather, i.e. wet and muddy. At least if you don’t want the straps to hang in the dirt. Here, however, you get creative.

On the other hand, the Velcro fasteners on the waist belt and the headrest are a bit of a problem when the baby is asleep and needs to be put down. It can happen that the child wakes up to the sound of the Velcro fastener.

My personal disadvantage, which may not even exist with others, is the “constriction” of the wearer after a while.
In the beginning, when our daughter was still light and small, there were no problems, not even after 2 to 3 hours that we like to be on the road.
At some point it got heavier and when I carried it in front I got pain in my shoulders after an hour at the latest.
Carrying it at the back is much more comfortable.

A last small disadvantage is a typical one when carrying with straps to tie. After a while you have to tighten the straps.

My conclusion

In short, I’m a fan. I found the carrier to be great, especially in our early days. It just let me and my husband carry it. No annoying straps to adjust.

Hoppediz Bondolino

Half buckle baby carrier with a wide Velcro fastener on the hip belt

Infinitely adjustable thanks to Velcro and shoulder straps

Ergonomic spread-squat position from birth

My little daughter felt very comfortable right from the start and also had a good rounded back and a correct squat spread position.

At first we had to tie off the bridge in order to be able to use the baby carrier. Our daughter was 48 cm tall and weighed 3 kg.

The Bondolino is still in the car today because it can be put on quickly and easily.

What I also think is great is the price. A stretcher that offers a great feel for both the carrier and baby and is also not expensive.
This stretcher can also be bought second-hand.

So definitely my personal price-performance winner.

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