Kokadi Flip Test: Experiences With Babysize, Toddler And XL

The Kokadi Flip Full Buckle carrier is a great combination of a lot of comfort and simplicity for mother and child. It offers a few little extras that are definitely worth a closer look.

The soft fabric with the often very eye-catching and colorful designs are not only a great eye-catcher, but also often make the carriers coveted collector’s items.

If you don’t need it so crazy, you will also find simpler color variants.

What every mom and dad will definitely like are the infinitely variable adjustment options for the carrier and child.

Kokadi flip

Full buckle baby carrier with buckles and straps

Infinitely adjustable bar, hip belt and shoulder straps

Ergonomic spread-squat position from birth

You can find out everything else you need to know about the Kokadi Flip in this post.

Advantages of the Kokadi Flip baby carrier

As a full buckle baby carrier, the Kokadi Flip naturally offers all the advantages of this carrier system, e.g. the buckle on the hip belt or the backpack-like straps that can also be adjusted with buckles.

But there is more to discover.

Infinitely adjustable bridge

One of the most important features of a baby carrier that can be used for almost any child of any age is the adjustable bridge.

In the case of the Kokadi Flip, like the rest of the actual stretcher, it is made of sling fabric and can be adjusted and attached thanks to a wide Velcro fastener inside the bar.

Even with a baby size, it is easily possible to adjust the carrier perfectly to your baby and achieve a perfect spread-squat position.

A round, bagged back is of course not a problem either, thanks to the soft sling fabric.

No long ribbons

The other two carrying systems, i.e. Mei Tai or Half Buckle carriers, always have long panels of fabric that are either tied around the shoulders or, in the case of the Mei Tai, around the shoulders and hips.

Kokadi Flip Full Buckle

For many dads, but also for some mums, this is too much material and too cumbersome to create.

A full buckle, like the Kokadi Flip, is exactly the right baby carrier.

The shoulder straps are reminiscent of a backpack and can also be adjusted in exactly the same way.

This always means a little fiddling when different carriers use the baby carrier, but adjusting the straps is super fast and easy.

For the stomach and back

Some baby carriers are designed to be carried on your stomach and back. With the Flip by Kokadi, however, both sides feel really good.

Both variants feel exactly as if the stretcher was made for exactly that.

For short distances or with smaller children you can use the carrier at the front and when the kids get a little older and there is a longer distance to cover, they simply take a seat on their back.

Different binding techniques

Perhaps the biggest advantage, the Kokadi Flip is also what makes the stretcher so unique, because there are two different tying techniques.


In the video you can see how the straps can either be attached to the hip belt or directly to the back of the stretcher.

The attachment to the belt is suitable for very small children who cannot yet sit by themselves. In this shape, the back becomes even more rounded and is optimally supported.

If your child can already sit securely, you can attach the straps to the back and this will make carrying a little easier for you, because the child’s weight will then be distributed differently.

Who is the Kokodai Flip suitable for?

Basically for all carrying mothers and dads who are looking for an uncomplicated full buckle carrier that can be adjusted quickly and does not require long straps or lanes.

Thanks to the three different sizes, the carrier can be used from birth and well into toddlerhood. These are the three different sizes:

  • Babysize for the very little ones (0-1 year old or approx. Size 80)
  • Toddler size for older children (1-2 years or size 74 to approx. Size 98)
  • XL for the really big ones (+2 years or size 86 to approx. Size 104)

Since the Kokadi Flip is so easy to adjust, super easy and quick to put on, it is also very suitable for beginners in the field of baby carriers. The simple system of buckles that everyone knows from a backpack makes it easy to get used to the carrier and you don’t have to worry about complicated wrapping techniques.

The Flip from Kokadi is not your cup of tea? In my big baby carrier test you will find more great carriers.

Product data

Here you will find all the important data, facts and particularities about the Flip by Kokadi.

  • Product Type: Full Buckle Baby Carrier
  • Name: Kokadi Flip
  • Carrying positions: front and back carry
  • Material: sling fabric made of 55% organic cotton, 44% viscose (made from bamboo and cellulose) and 1% polyester
  • Basis weight: 256 g / m²
  • Size: Baby (from birth up to approx. Size 80), Toddler (from size 74 to approx. Size 98) XL (from size 86 to approx. 104)
  • Bridge width: baby size 42 cm, toddler 47 cm, XL 52 cm
  • Back: Baby 34 cm, Toddler 38 cm, XL 43 cm
  • Color: Different colors and patterns
  • Special features: Infinitely adjustable bridge, nursing buckles
  • Washable: hand wash

How is the stretcher rated on the internet?

Baby carriers are very individual products and so opinions often differ greatly. While some consider Flip to be the best carrier ever and others categorically reject carriers, there are also voices who did not get along well with the carrier.

All in all, however, the positive opinions clearly predominate and there are virtually no complaints in terms of quality and workmanship.

The carrier is described as super comfortable for the carrier and child, and the ease of use is praised.

There is criticism, for example, for the short wearing time of only 12 months with the baby size, but it also fits very well in this time.

It is also often reported that the wearer experiences back pain when carrying older children in the flip. I cannot say whether this is specifically due to the stretcher or simply to the increasing weight of the child.

Kokadi flip

Full buckle baby carrier with buckles and straps

Infinitely adjustable bar, hip belt and shoulder straps

Ergonomic spread-squat position from birth

A particularly common point of criticism is the hard-to-reach back buckle. But there is a very simple trick!

If you have problems reaching the small back buckle, adjust the shoulder straps as far as you can before putting them on and simply close the back buckle beforehand.

With the wide straps you can easily put on the carrier with the back buckle closed and then adjust the shoulder straps correctly.

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