Let’s find out how to treat fever in children without immediately resorting to drugs

The fever in children is a very common phenomenon but as you can cure it without necessarily immediately to drugs? Let’s see some natural solutions that can help.

Fever in children: why does it occur?

The appearance of fever in children  could be synonymous with ongoing infection, but it is not certain that it is necessary to intervene immediately with drugs to lower the temperature.

Natural self defense

We speak of fever only when the body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees. Fever is used to remove viruses and bacteria by exploiting the high temperature, so it is a very important defense mechanism , aimed at making our body inhospitable, avoiding the proliferation of microbes.

To obtain the temperature rise, the hypothalamus , which is responsible for the thermoregulation processes, produces shivers throughout the body: in this way vasoconstriction is favored, preventing the dispersion of heat and increasing the temperature by a few degrees.

On the contrary, when the infection begins to decrease, the hypothalamus acts in the opposite way and therefore produces a vasodilation accompanied by sweating that allows you to expel the heat and lower the temperature .

Our body is organized in such a way as to defend itself with fine self-regulation mechanisms , but man often ends up forgetting about it and does nothing but artificially intervene by swallowing drugs to excess. And if we are talking about small children, then it is necessary to be even more cautious.

It is precisely for this reason that one should not immediately be alarmed in the face of a children’s fever: paradoxically, the presence of a fever means that the body is reacting in a completely natural way.

How to measure fever in children

It is often difficult to measure fever in children , especially when they are very young.

The  Guidelines of the Italian Society of Pediatrics on the management of fever in children recommend using an electronic thermometer to be inserted into the hollow of the armpits.

The use of mercury thermometers , among other things eliminated from the market due to their danger if they break, is not recommended.

It is also recommended to avoid the practice of inserting the thermometer rectally or orally:

  • in the first case, the experience may not be very pleasant for the child
  • orally, the measurement may be altered by the temperature of previously ingested food or drink.

Digital scanning thermometers

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How to lower fever in children: natural remedies

To lower the fever in children there are many small natural remedies that can be used and that allow you to reduce the administration of drugs .

It happens very often that children get sick and the risk is that they are continually bombarded with medicines that in the long run only end up reducing  the immune system .

When the fever is not too high, so it does not exceed 38 degrees, it is possible to follow some precautions and put into practice natural remedies that help lower the temperature .

When to use antipyretics

Pediatricians recommend using  antipyretics only in the presence of a general malaise condition and among these in pediatric age only paracetamol and ibuprofen can be administered .

In any case, always follow the pediatrician’s prescriptions, following the recommended doses based on the weight of the child and paying attention to any side effects.

Alternatively, here are a number of helpful pointers that can help you get the fever off in children without resorting to medication:

Drink lots of fluids

Drink plenty of water : the risk of dehydration is very high, so it is good to replenish lost fluids by drinking water, juices or even fresh fruit juices , preferably organic and seasonal. This helps to disperse the heat of the body.

Let the skin breathe

Do not overdo it with pajamas and blankets : the warmer the baby is, the more his body temperature will rise. Let the skin breathe in order to favor the dispersion of heat.


Herbal remedies : there are some dry extracts that can be given to children over 3 years of age.

We recommend, for example, the Uncaria tomentosa which should be dosed in half capsules to be taken in the morning and in the evening, with a little water. In any case, never do it yourself, even if it is natural products.


Homeopathic remedies : there are some granules that can also be dissolved in the bottle of babies.

Among the useful remedies to lower fever in children we suggest:

  • the Ferrum phosphoricum ,
  • Gelsemium sempervirens
  • the Arsenicum album .

Each of these remedies is associated with a specific symptomatology, always consult with an expert to understand how to proceed with the doses.

No “physical” remedies

Beware of physical remedies : the Guidelines absolutely advise against physical means to lower fever.

Solutions such as:

  • lukewarm baths,
  • ice packs,
  • cold sponging,
  • rubbing the skin with alcohol.

It is evident that the cooling of parts of the body does not produce any influence on the action of the hypothalamus, located inside our brain.

These are a number of natural remedies that can help lower fever in children .

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