The 20 Biggest Advantages That Make Baby Carriers So Great

For most mothers and fathers, it would be a dream to sit on the couch all day cuddling with their baby.

Unfortunately, that often doesn’t work.

Things have to be done, the refrigerator is empty, the linen chest is overflowing and somehow the place always looks like a battlefield.

Fortunately, there is an easy way you can spend a lot of time cuddling with your baby and still have enough freedom to take care of everything else.

Do you want to know how to do it?

With a baby carrier or a sling.

In this article I will show you the 20 most important and very practical advantages of carrying your baby.

Ps Not only does your baby benefit from being carried, there are also many benefits for mom and dad.

1. It’s good for cognitive and social development

When you have your baby in the carrier, it sees the environment as you see it, it sees other people, it hears you talking and experiences everyday life with you.

This not only stimulates the senses, but also imparts early language skills and allows your child to come into contact with the environment much earlier. This is not so easy to do when lying in a stroller.

The change of direction and different environments are also extremely exciting for such a small creature.

2. Your baby will cry and cry less

Studies have shown that babies who are carried a lot in a baby carrier or towel in the first few months of life cry up to 43% less than the children in the control group of the study.

It is even better that this value rises to a whopping 51% in the evening hours, i.e. exactly when the stressed parents are also trying to find peace and quiet to sleep.

And speaking of stress and little sleep … If you, as a parent, get more sleep and are fitter, the chances of catching a cold or getting sick decrease. This, in turn, prevents you from infecting your baby and a healthy baby from crying and also cries significantly less than a healthy baby.

A crying baby is stressful for both child and parent. For that reason alone, it is worthwhile reducing the stress for everyone by carrying your baby.

3. Can help against colic in babies

Colic in babies is a really bad thing and an enormous stress test. It is desperate when your baby has a stomach ache and starts crying so badly that it drives everyone to the brink of madness.

The only thing you want as a parent then is a moment of rest, for the baby and of course for yourself and your baby to be carried in an upright position, can be a solution.

Why wearing it on the body is so effective against colic is not entirely clear and experts are not sure either. Presumably it is the combination of the body heat of mom or dad that relaxes the abdominal region like a hot water bottle and the ups and downs of the parents’ breathing that acts like a light massage.

In addition, the upright position in the baby carrier ensures that the stomach contents stay down and cannot cause further heartburn.

4. Your baby will sleep better

The presence of the parents is enough to calm a baby down. For example, it is also an ancient behavior, more precisely a survival strategy, that newborns wake up more often and look for mom or dad to know that they are safe.

In the carrier, your baby can sleep with peace of mind, it smells you, hears your voice and instinctively knows that it is safe. As a result of this, it will sleep better and be more rested.

The stretcher is particularly practical when your child generally needs more sleep, for example because their teeth are cracking or they have a cold.

5. It strengthens the bond

As a mother, you have a close bond with your child even before it is born.

To maintain this close bond, carrying babies is a great option. You are with your baby all the time. You can talk, sing, or cuddle with them anytime you want.

But that’s not all, you will quickly understand what your baby needs and wants and it doesn’t have to start calling out loud or crying to draw attention to itself.

In addition to the mother, there are other people who want to build a close bond, especially fathers often have the problem of not knowing how to be really close to the child.

A baby carrier is exactly the right tool.

6. It can prevent the back of the head from falling flat

Babies cannot turn themselves in the first few months and certainly cannot sit, so they lie on their back most of the time and this can lead to the back of the head flattening.

This often asymmetrical flattening (plagiocephaly) can be avoided by carrying your baby.

Incidentally, this flattening can be so pronounced that your child may later need a special helmet to correct the deformation.

7. Wear ensures even weight gain

Not every baby knows immediately how breastfeeding works or how much milk it really needs.

If your baby is a bad eater, or if the pediatrician says your child is putting on too little weight and should be put on more often. Then the baby carrier is great for giving your child the opportunity to eat food at all times.

They may want to drink more often due to the proximity of their breasts. Either way, it is a good reminder for you to breastfeed your child more often.

8. Stable heart rhythm and body temperature

A newborn’s body has to learn all sorts of things and this includes the fact that the body temperature or the heart rhythm gets a little out of control and becomes too high too low.

Carrying your baby on your body helps to stabilize the heart rate as well as the body temperature and bring it into an optimal range.

9. Baby carriers help against hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia occurs in some babies in the first few months of their lives and means that your child’s hips have not developed properly. If you get this finding it is not tragic at first, it just often ends with your child having to wear anything but pretty spreader pants.

The spread-squat position that your baby assumes in a baby carrier corresponds to the same posture that is achieved by wearing spreading pants.



It is therefore quite possible to correct hip dysplasia only by carrying it in a stretcher and in a spread-squat position.

If you get the diagnosis of hip dysplasia and already have a stretcher, then simply speak to your midwife or doctor about it.

10. Positive effect on premature babies

Body contact and touch play a very special role in babies and are extremely important for development. Have you ever heard or seen that premature babies are placed on their parents’ bare chests to help them catch up with development deficits?

Studies have proven the importance of physical contact for premature babies in a number of ways and with a stretcher you can give your newborn this closeness.

In addition, there are of course other benefits that arise from wearing. Better sleep and constant proximity to the source of food are particularly important for premature babies.

11. Freedom for the hands

I already mentioned it in the introduction and it is a huge advantage for parents when their hands are free to work with.

Once the baby has moved in, it is super difficult to do the housekeeping, the laundry and everything else that comes up. Actually, there is never enough time to do everything and if you carry your baby in your arms all the time to calm him down, then at some point you will no longer be able to manage anything.

With the baby in the carrier you have your hands free, you can do everything and still have your baby with you all the time to talk to him, sing something to him, or just to be there.

Here is another fact that speaks in favor of a baby carrier. Carrying your baby in your arms uses around 16% more energy than carrying it in a sling or a sling.

So you can do more and save energy, which you will certainly need elsewhere.

12. A baby carrier saves money

The reason is super banal, but it just belongs on this list, because a baby carrier is much cheaper than a stroller.

Especially when money is tight at the beginning and you could actually use the sum for the stroller elsewhere, the baby carrier becomes a real alternative.

It also takes up less space in the car. Not everyone has a car that can hold a stroller.

In addition, well-cared for baby carriers from well-known manufacturers hardly lose their value, so if you no longer need them, you can resell them, depending on the model, with virtually no loss.

13. Breastfeeding in public becomes easier

Breastfeeding in public can be a tightrope, and not every mother is made to sit on the next bench and breastfeed her baby.

An opaque sheet is often used to help, but under the sheet it can be difficult for your baby to find your nipple.

In the baby carrier, the little one is almost in the right place and with a little practice you can learn to breastfeed in the carrier without anyone noticing.

14. Wearing stimulates milk production

Breastfeeding mothers often worry about whether they are producing enough milk to feed their dwarfs.

Here, too, the baby carrier can help, because the close body contact and the more frequent application that the carrier makes possible stimulates milk production.

The increase is not so enormous that you immediately have the feeling that you can feed two more children, but it definitely helps.

15. You can go anywhere with the baby

Narrow city centers or drugstores, forest paths or high meadows, there are enough places where a stroller makes everything more difficult instead of lighter.

Enter baby carrier.

Expectant parents who are also dog owners should think about buying a carrier. I can say from my own experience that it couldn’t be easier.

16. More time for older children

With more than one child, it is not always easy to do justice to everyone. This is of course because a newborn takes a lot more time than a bigger child.

Instead of ignoring the older child or leaving them to their own devices for a while because there is simply no other way, you can put the newcomer in the carrier and do exactly the same things that you did with the older child.

This will also help the older sibling to see the new baby as a playmate and not to become too jealous.

17. Keeps strangers away from your child

Personally, I don’t like it and I don’t want strangers to bend over in my stroller and possibly pat my child without being asked.

Unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided with a stroller and by bending over and in the stroller, almost everything can trickle onto your child.

This does not happen in a carrier and if someone is so pushy and tries to catch a glimpse of your baby, it is much easier to keep him at a distance.

By the way, it doesn’t always have to be strangers. If you show up at a family celebration with a stretcher, she’ll keep pushy distant relatives at bay too.

18. It is easier to lose weight after pregnancy

After a certain period of time, it is important for many mothers to get rid of the kilos they have accumulated during pregnancy as soon as possible.

A baby carrier can also help here. With your hands free and the baby on your body, you can take on longer walks or simple workouts relatively quickly.

In addition, you are always on the move with extra weight and burn a few more calories.



There is even a special form of workout that combines dancing and cuddling called kanga.

19. It feels a bit like pregnant

This point applies to mother and child, because after all, you got used to doing everything together for nine months. The baby has got used to your voice, the swaying of your gait, and everything else.

This is exactly how you, as a mother, have got used to the belly and the closeness to your baby and the carrier can help you to continue enjoying an at least similar state for a while.

20. Helps with postnatal depression

Postnatal depression is no fun and, unfortunately, not uncommon. It’s a grim time for fresh mothers who have waited long for the day of their birth, and depression like this definitely belongs in the hands of specialists.

Baby carriers or towels can be a blessing, especially for affected mothers, because they can give their baby the necessary closeness and do not have to have a guilty conscience because their baby is neglected.

In addition, other things can be done to accelerate healing, such as walks in the fresh air and all without bulky strollers.

Now it’s your turn

For me, buying a baby carrier was the ticket to a whole new world.

You spend more and more intense time with your baby and still have the freedom to do anything and go anywhere. Suddenly I had time for everything, the housekeeping and, of course, significantly less stress.

Nevertheless, it will always happen that everything grows over your head and you somehow have no real time for anything, but the advantages of a baby carrier are so enormous that I would never want to do without it again.

Have you got the taste now and are wondering which carrier might suit you? Then I recommend reading my baby carrier test , because there you will find my recommendations and tips that will help you choose the right carrier.

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