The Buzzidil ​​BuzziTai Baby Carrier In The Test

The BuzziTai from Buzzidil ​​is a great carrying aid for everyday life. It can be put on quickly and easily, is robust and available in great designs.

The special thing about the BuzziTai is that it can be used as a halfbuckle as well as a fullbuckle (complete buckle system).

We’ve been using the BuzziTai for almost six months. And here I would like to share my experiences with you.

my first impression

I’ve always been a fan of half-humped baby carriers, i.e. baby carriers with a hip belt and straps that can be tied. So the BuzziTai was at the top of my list of stretchers that I really wanted to test.

The baby carrier makes a great impression right from the start. No chemical smells, well packaged and beautiful. I chose the Diamond Dust Saphir design. The colors are really great and the material is soft.

Buzzidil BuzziTai

Baby carrier that grows with the child for newborns and toddlers aged 0-24 months

Infinitely adjustable bar, hip belt and shoulder straps

Front carrier, back carrier & hip carrier

MeiTai for binding and fullbuckle

I was surprised at how light it is. It has hardly any weight and can be folded up easily. The instructions supplied for this are clear and easy to understand and if you have converted from one system to the other a few times, it almost goes by itself.

Features of the BuzziTai

The BuzziTai by Buzzidil ​​is a soft carrier made from 100% cotton. It is an ergonomic baby carrier that grows with the baby and easily adapts to the baby and the person carrying it.
According to the manufacturer, the BuzziTai can be used from 0-24 months.

They are available in a wide variety of designs and color options. From child-like designs with animals (such as penguin, monkey and lion), to chic, timeless and eye-catching patterns, to simple single-colored carriers. There is definitely something for everyone here.

A wide, but thin and very soft waist belt ensures a comfortable fit and a secure fit.

The BuzziTai is a unique carrying aid, as it can be easily converted from a Mei Tai to a full hump. In the Tai variant, the straps are tied. That means they are crossed behind the back and then brought forward again. There the straps are knotted together below the baby’s bottom.

To switch from the Tai to the full buckle carrier, the straps can be easily folded up and placed in the Velcro pockets on the straps. Then just pull out the buckles and connect the straps and the back.

The BuzziTai is a great carrying aid, especially for newborns, as it can be easily adapted to the child’s body proportions. The length of the back can easily be changed. The bridge is also infinitely adjustable and thus offers an ergonomic posture for the child.

An integrated headrest is not only used to hold the head, especially when older children are sleeping, but is also a great protection against sun, wind and rain.

The BuzziTai can also be carried on your back without any problems, but you should wait until your baby can hold his head himself. Both the Mei Tai and the full hump version are ideal for this.

The BuzziTai in the test

We tested the stretcher both with our newborn and with the 2-year-old child.

The BuzziTai came with me on longer walks, in the stable, was carried around to do the housework or simply used to cuddle and fall asleep. I and my husband are definitely very enthusiastic about the baby carrier.

The Tai variant was used with and significantly more often. On the one hand, the quick donning without much adjustment of the straps when used by two different people has been a great advantage. On the other hand, we are still Tai fans and sometimes we were just too lazy to convert the stretcher. Even if it works really quickly.

Setting up at the beginning was child’s play. The bridge and the back part can be quickly and easily adapted to the respective child.

The wearing comfort is really great. The straps lie comfortably on the shoulders. The waist belt does not tighten and distributes the child’s weight well.

It was also comfortable to carry on the back and you could go for a relaxed walk for several hours.

With her 50 cm and 3500 g, our little daughter fit perfectly into the baby carrier. She didn’t sink into it from the start and felt at ease from minute one.

Our older daughter also found the stretcher comfortable. At 90 cm and 11 kg she still fit in the stretcher. Of course, the arms had to face outwards, as the back is definitely not long enough for it.

The stretcher offered both children an ergonomic posture. The spread-squat position was guaranteed in both cases.

Personally, full hump wearing causes back pain in most cases, especially when I wear it in the front that happens after a certain time. In this case, too, I noticed my shoulders after 30 minutes. On the other hand, my daughter could be carried pain-free for much longer on her back.

The complete buckle variant is particularly useful in muddy weather and rain, as there are no straps hanging on the floor.

My husband and I got on really well with the baby carrier on our own. With a little practice, you can put the stretcher on your back by yourself.

Unfortunately, the buttons on the headrest broke after a while, so that one side could no longer be attached to the straps.

Advantages at a glance

Here is an overview of all the advantages and important features of the stretcher.

  • Mei Tai half-buckle stretcher and full hump (full buckle) stretcher
  • Can be used from birth for up to 2 years
  • Growing with the child, thanks to the steplessly adjustable bridge and the adjustable back section
  • The soft material ensures an ergonomic posture for the child
  • Squat spread position is always given
  • Practical headrest: provides shade, helps you fall asleep, supports the neck and head
  • Can be easily carried by different people (mom and dad)
  • Suitable for back carriers and in front of the stomach

Disadvantages at a glance

In fact, I cannot name any real disadvantages. Because somehow there is a solution to every problem. In bad weather, the carriers of the Tai variant may hang in the dirt. Of course, it helps to convert the stretcher into the fullbuckle version from the start.

It’s a shame that the press studs on the headrest came off after a while on our stretcher. We don’t need or use these buttons, so it wasn’t a problem.

Interview with Bettina von Buzzidil

We are always very happy to get in contact with the manufacturers of the carriers and so we were able to win Bettina from Buzzidil ​​for a short interview about the BuzziTai baby carrier.

How did you come to fruition?

Bettina: My big one was a 24/7 body contact baby. He had a real “allergy” to prams or cots. Carrying it was a huge relief for me. Finally a happy baby and your hands free again!

What is special about the Buzzidil ​​baby carriers?

Bettina: When I developed the Buzzidil ​​for my third baby in 2010, there were no buckle carriers on the market that could grow with the child. Since I was very fond of wearing fullbuckles, I decided to sew such a stretcher for ourselves.



The buzzidil ​​not only grows with the size of the baby but also with its level of development. To do this, I had the option of closing the shoulder straps on the back panel or on the hip belt, depending on the child’s development. This has now almost become a standard on the market.

We are very proud of our pioneering role.

What materials are the stretchers made of?

Bettina: We use 100% organic cotton. Weaving is done either here in Austria or – with a GOTS certificate – in Turkey. The foams are also from Austria – the hip belt foam is also used in the medical field and is therefore particularly well tested.

Which carrier would you recommend to newbies?

Bettina: That depends very much on personal preferences. In general, both MeiTai and Fullbuckle (wearing buckles) are well suited for beginners.

How does it work with growing with you?

Bettina: The Buzzidil ​​has a drawstring in the back panel – parallel to the hip belt, but at a certain distance from it. Thanks to the interplay of the firmly padded hip belt and this drawstring, the back of the Buzzidil ​​stretchers can be adjusted both in height and in width – all at the same time.

Can you test your stretcher?

Bettina: Of course – on the one hand from carrying advisors, on the other hand there are also test carriers to borrow in our shop. Every stretcher can be tested for several weeks before buying. All information is available here:

What makes the Buzzidil ​​carriers better than other baby carriers?

Bettina: The adaptability! Buzzidil ​​carriers can be adjusted very precisely (and very easily) to baby’s size – while the child is sitting IN the carrier. This is the result of the back panel downsizing that we developed. And: Thanks to the adjustment systems on the straps, Buzzidil ​​stretchers can be adapted to both large and small, delicate carriers.

We took a lot of time developing our stretchers and went our own way. We didn’t just take ideas from other stretchers, we looked very carefully at which solution had which effects. In this respect, it always hurts a little when ideas are simply adopted from other manufacturers. Unfortunately, this has increased massively in recent years.

What is also important to us is the ecological approach. It starts with the material, continues with European production and ends with plastic-free packaging. We also receive our deliveries without any packaging waste. And our sustainability approach is also implemented in-house – it is important to us to create a pleasant, family-friendly working environment. For example, children are welcome in our office.

My conclusion

The 👉BuzziTai baby carrier by Buzzidil * has become one of our favorite carriers. My husband especially enjoyed Mei Tai. It is always within reach.

It is a very well thought-out, parent and child-friendly baby carrier with many advantages. For me, the BuzziTai is an absolute buy recommendation!

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