Up To How Many Kilograms Can You Use Baby Carriers & Slings?

No matter whether it is carried with a sling or a baby carrier. The question until when you can use this or whether it is worthwhile to buy one is often in the room.

Luckily for all moms and dads we can easily carry our babies and toddlers until they start school. Whether this is something for everyone is an open question, but it is possible.

Baby carriers quick overview

If you don’t feel like reading the whole article and are just looking for a carrier that is suitable for your child’s body weight, here is an overview of all the baby carriers recommended in this article.

Up to 15 kilograms

Up to 18 kilograms

Up to 20 kilograms

Up to 30 kilograms

Note: Not every stretcher shown here can be used from birth. Baby carriers such as the Manduca are only suitable if your child can sit independently. The baby carriers up to 15 kg are all suitable for newborns and you can find more baby carriers for newborns in the article linked just now.

What should you watch out for?

First of all, what are you going to do with the baby carrier? Is your baby a newborn or already a toddler? Or whether your child is still very interested in wearing or less?

When the children start to walk at the latest, a hard time begins for the parents to be carried. The little ones don’t want to be carried so often anymore, they want to run themselves. Above all, your child determines how long they want to be carried.

Often, baby carriers do not even reach the manufacturer’s maximum kilogram. You are more likely to switch to a running bike or just run yourself.

Carriers made of sling fabric are well suited for all age groups, as they are made of materials that are very resistant and robust, mostly cotton or a cotton blend.

Bigger children are rarely carried in front of the stomach, big children are better carried on the back. Fortunately, this works with almost all baby carriers, slings or with an Onbu, a special back carrier.

Up to how many kg can you use a sling?

Here you have to decide what kind of towel you want to move in and how old or heavy your child is. Elastic slings are often used for newborns. These can be pre-knotted without any problems, making tying easier. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of elastic slings is that they are only suitable up to a maximum of 7-9 kg.

If you want to wear a sling for a long time, a woven sling is a good choice. One speaks of a diagonal elastic weaving method. This gives the sling good stability without yielding. Normally, these slings can then be used for a very long time.

In case of doubt, a look at the manufacturer’s information helps, although not every cloth manufacturer gives an absolute maximum weight. Up to 15 kg there is certainly no problem.

Most towels are made of cotton or a cotton blend. If you are looking for a cloth that is really suitable for chunks (suitable for heavy / large children), a mixture with hemp is a good option.

Which baby carrier is right for you?

Finding the right baby carrier is really not easy with the huge selection available in specialist shops. If long wearing is particularly important to you, you have to take a closer look.

Many manufacturers offer baby carriers in different sizes. This means that the stretcher then have different bar and back lengths. Thus, they are suitable for different body sizes and weights. Most baby carriers are available in baby size and toddler size.

Baby carriers in size XL or Preeschooler are also new and popular. These sizes are especially for the big kids. They usually have a wider bar and a longer back so that the “big ones” can sit ergonomically.

It is worth reading carefully. Here I have listed a few baby carriers for you.

Baby carriers up to 15 kg

First to the very little ones, because if you didn’t know, baby carriers can be used with your baby from day one.

Fidella baby size

Fidella offers three different types of baby carriers.

The 👉 Fidella FlyTai * can be tied completely and a so-called Mei Tai baby carrier. The 👉 Fidella FlyClick * is equipped with a hip belt with buckles and the long straps are tied. The 👉 Fidella Fusion * is a full hump stretcher with hip belt with buckle and backpack straps that can also be adjusted with buckles, which makes it very popular with men.

All models are available in baby size and this carrier can be used from birth without any problems, but only up to clothing size 80. The specified 15 kg body weight of the child is normally not possible anyway.

Storchenwiege BabyCarrier

The BabyCarrier from Storchenwiege is a great carrier that can be used from birth and up to 15 kg in weight. So it grows with you and even small children can easily be carried around the world in this HalfBuckle carrier.

You can find more information about the 👉 BabyCarrier from Storchenwiege * here.


Kokadi impresses above all with its great designs and all carrying forms, as well as the different sizes, can be carried up to 15 kg according to the manufacturer.

However, you should pay attention to the size of your child’s clothes for the three different sizes, because not all of them can be used from birth.

The baby size can be used from birth up to size 80. The other sizes are Toddler (suitable age of the child 1-2 years) and XL (approx. 2-3 years).

Here you can find an example of the 👉 Kokadi Flip * model in a baby size. All in all, a super uncomplicated baby carrier with buckles that doesn’t have to be tied.

Baby carriers up to 18 kg

If the walk gets too long, the baby carrier is still a great thing, even for older children.


The 👉 Emeibaby baby carrier * is a real miracle to carry and it is available in two sizes.

The baby size is from birth up to 3 years and according to the manufacturer the carrier is designed for up to 15 kg. The toddler size can be used from around 1 year to 4 years and can carry children weighing up to 18 kg.

For me personally, the baby size is a great choice because it can be used for a very long time and thanks to the great carrying system it fits perfectly.

Limas Plus

The Limas carriers are super, light and comfortable and there are two versions.

On the one hand there is the normal size (from birth up to 15 kg) and then one size larger, in the plus version (from size 62/68 and up to 18 kg). Attention, the Plus is bigger and therefore not suitable for newborns.

Here you will find the 👉 model for newborns * and here the 👉 Limas Plus * for older children.

Baby carriers up to 20 kg

Sometimes the 2 kilograms more make a small but fine difference.


The 👉 Didyklick * is a halfbuckle stretcher from the manufacturer Didymos. Consisting of sling fabric, a hip belt and shoulder straps made of sling fabric, this baby carrier can be used from birth up to 20 kg.

Hoppediz Bondolino

The company Hoppediz has brought a super comfort carrier on the market, which is suitable from birth in which even a toddler up to 20 kg can easily be carried. The stretcher consists of a hip belt with Velcro and shoulder straps that are tied.

The 👉 Bondolino baby carrier * is available in different versions.

It should be noted in particular that you can choose between a light and normal variant, the thinner fabric of the light variant is ideal for summer.

Hoppediz Hop-Tye

With this carrier from Hoppediz, just like the Bondolino, it is possible to carry children from 3 kg and up to 20 kg. Here you can see the many models 👉 Hoppediz Hop-Tye *.

The Hop-Tye is a Mei Tai baby carrier, i.e. a carrier with long straps on the hips and shoulders, both of which are tied.

If you are interested in the differences between the different carrying systems, you will find an overview of Mei Tai, Halfbuckle and Fullbuckle here .

Baby carriers up to 30 kg

Even with up to 30 kg, some children love to be carried, at least occasionally when their legs have become too heavy.

Fidella Toddler

There are different colors, motifs and models and the toddler size can be used for toddlers up to 30 kg. Please note that the manufacturer specifies a height of 74 – 98 cm, which means that the carrier is not suitable for newborns.

Here you can find the very popular 👉 Fidella Fusion * in the toddler size, by the way, a fullbuckle baby carrier.


The Manduca is often taken with larger babies or from sitting age. It should also only be used from the age of sitting, because the bar cannot be individually adjusted and the Manduca is therefore not suitable for newborns. Even with the newborn insert there are better alternatives.

Once the sitting age is reached, the 👉 Manduca * is an absolutely recommendable carrier, which is very popular for a reason. Incidentally, the manduca is particularly popular with fathers.

Didn’t find a carrier that fits you and your child? In my baby carrier test you will find more great baby carriers.

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